Sometimes, You Just Have to Move Things Around.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Change is a good thing.  I don't know why in certain aspects I need it all the time, and in others I'm rigid and unwavering.  As it relates to furniture placement, I fall in the first category.  I never seem to be completely happy with the way our furniture is laid out for very long.  We have two white, slipcovered Alexa sofas by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.  Earlier I had put them both in the family room, facing each other.  I had a mismatched vintage 1960's Hawaiian three-strand rattan chair in the room facing the  TV.

Like this:

1 of 2 white slipcovered Alexa sofas by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams in the family room.   Pillows are Thomas Paul Damask in Duck Egg.  

A mismatched 1960's vintage Hawaiian three-strand rattan chair.  Complete with pom-pom chenille throw I found on eBay for $15 a few years ago.  The Chinese door panels in the back against the wall were bought in Okinawa, Japan and imported from China by an antiques shop close to our old home.  

But no one ever sat on both sofas at once.  Someone always sat in the rattan chair and maybe another person on the couch.  And did I mention that although I think I'm this grand social entertainer who always has people over and would need tons of seating in our family room, the reality is that most nights it's really just us.  So who needs all the sofas clumped in one room?  Some re-arranging was necessary.  I moved one sofa into our front sitting room which we like to read in.  I swapped out two matching vintage 1940's rattan chairs from the sitting room to the family room to replace the space left by the exiting couch and took the mismatched 1960's chair to the sitting room.  

& now... balance and harmony!  What I like best about the new seating arrangement is that the room feels so much more open and airy.  And the best part is that the family room seating is comfortable.  Ultimately, this is a lounging and relaxing space for our family.  I love how breezy it feels.  Let's hope we can keep it this way for a little while.  Or for as long as those two rascals in the photo allow it to stay that way, anyway...

Two vintage 1940's Horseshoe rattan chairs and chevron pillows sit across the remaining couch.   The kids seem to like this arrangement!

Our little reading room at the front of the house with the other couch and rattan chair.  The Tiffany Box blue buffet is vintage Lane from the 1960's.  I painted it one day after craving some color.  The pillows on the couch are Thomas Paul.  The coffee table is vintage mid-century, courtesy of Grandma.  The photo over the buffet is of Son No.1 enjoying a fancy Hawaiian drink poolside.  The other framed piece of art is a much loved Heather Brown print.