Building pacificVintage ... It Ain't Easy

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hello there!  Apologies up front for the two-week hiatus from blogging.  I've been busy juggling kids' schedules and husband schedules and not to mention my own.  We have trips coming up very soon and have been busy trying to get them together.  Not to mention Little Boy #1 has an extracurricular schedule that is off the map.  Besides all that, I am still trying to put some time into building my little Etsy shop and adding to the pieces offered for sale.  

The latest and greatest is I am having this gorgeous card design done by Vintage Sweet.  I love it and can't wait to get the final product.  The cost was $10 for Jessica to put this together for me.  The proof came really quickly, I had two options to choose from and once I get the final design, will send them off to Vista Print to get them done up nicely.  I'm going to go with stickers to use as labels for shipping, and will print more for calling cards as well as item tags.  

I had been thinking about taking my little bunch of wares and setting up a booth at our next neighborhood Farmer's Market or Craft Fair.  I thought that would be my avenue beyond Etsy.  Passively, I've been putting together the pieces in my mind that I'd need to set up shop: A banner, tables, a few vintage pieces for sale that are easy to carry (ha!) like a dresser and a chair, and the smaller things, like my spoon garden markers, my vintage dresser drawer garden kits, and glass doorknobs and vintage hardware.  Anyone with craft fair experience out there that wants to give a rookie some good advice?  

Garden Chic

Sunday, May 6, 2012

You know how it is when you have projects you're supposed to get to and yet you pass by them everyday, dreading getting started?  I was like that.  What is that?  It's something like Writer's Block, so let's call it Project Block.  Project Block hit hard for a month or two but then on Friday, it magically cleared and all I wanted to do was get going on my spoons.  My lovely mother found a beautiful assortment of vintage spoons at an estate sale a few months back and shared a few with me because she knows I have crafty, old-cat-lady collecting issues.  So I made a few sets of garden markers out of them.  If you like shabby chic, or rustic anything like me, you know the appeal.  Project Block begone!

Lavender has to be one of my favorite herbs in the garden.  
Hawaii Edition!  If you live in Hawaii or spent some extended time here, you know that these herbs are staples in a Hawaiian garden.  Chinese Parsley -- Cilantro -- is universally appealing here.  Everyone calls scallions "Green Onions."  Chili Peppers, whether the Hawaiian or Thai variety, are a requirement in everything from Hubby's Korean Kal-Bi Rib marinade, to my chili pepper water.  
Staple herbs anywhere, these would perk up anyone's garden.