Travel Bug

Sometimes I think the urge to travel really, really far away from home is a bug that some people just have, like a gene you're born with.  I meet people who simply don't like to travel and I can't imagine doing that!  I want to see it all in person!  & I want my kids to do the same!  When I'm 88 years old, I want to know I've been places far and wide, that I've seen parts of this earth!

Summer in Japan

Bangkok, Thailand

Somewhere near the Myanmar border on the River Kwai, my 4 year old baby and I were swinging in a hammock.  Take your kids with you!  You'll miss out on the late nights of dancing and drinks, but oh the memories you'll have with your babies!

A floating raft hotel in the morning mist, River Kwai, Thailand.

Enjoying watching Hubs, watching the Chao Prahya River in Bangkok, Thailand.

This monitor lizard, about 3feet long, climbed out of the Chao Prahya River in the middle of downtown Bangkok onto our hotel room's lanai.  

Hong Kong Island

Billie Joel came to Hong Kong!

Macau, China



Salzburg, Austria

St Mark's Square, Venice


Springtime in Okinawa, Japan

Scenes of Paris



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