Repurposed Pieces

Would I ever have thought repurposing furniture was something I could see myself doing in my future? Umm, no.  But here I am.  Repurposing started as a creative (read here: design on the cheap) way to furnish our new home.  There was a look I wanted and it wasn't at Ashley Home Furnishings, capische?  What I wasn't prepared for how was how addicting the process was, or how much I would end up enjoying it.  So now that even though our home may not need large pieces like dressers, I still find myself making them, but now I enjoy doing it to furnish your space.  I hope you enjoy rummaging through what makes me happy!

1930's Vintage 

Good bones and great vintage form were visible even in its awful state.  Purchased from a man who used it for years in his garage to hold his tools!

1960's Lane Furniture Buffet

The finished piece in its new room.

Working on sanding down a long, 1960's Lane buffet

Going for color!  A beach house with vintage 1960's furniture and a casual vibe needs color!

A boy's dresser

Simple white with a sea glass-colored top, this was a fun little piece.
- SOLD -

Ooh La La, French Colonial!

One of my favorite pieces to have redone.  This is one of those pieces many girls my age had in their rooms when they were young.  The problem was that the gold trim and faded paint was the kind of throwback no one wants to remember now! I decided to refinish it for a chic beach vibe with white and greys and no gold in sight!  The finished product was something I was really happy with.  

- SOLD -

This what was I was dealing with.  Icky gold outlines on a tired, beige color.

*Sigh* Will it ever get any better?

Yes!  A light, dove grey finish on the drawers and top with the original pulls, now painted white for some contrast.

Dresser Drawer Garden Boxes

I love retro charm, I do.  I happened upon some dresser drawers, sans dresser and decided to use the drawers in all their vintage goodness for garden boxes.  I made sure there was proper drainage and added glass hardware simply because what vintage dresser drawer garden box would look complete without it?  The look was shabby, beach chic, and very bohemian in that Yes, I threw this together and it looks fabulous now sort of way.  

Re-Use Hawaii sells vintage dresser drawers that I outfitted with some glass drawer pulls.  

With some holes drilled in the bottom for drainage, they are the most gorgeous planters you ever did see.

Chalk Walk

A dresser needed to hold our Baby Boy's diaper paraphernalia.  With a changing pad on it during most days, it makes changing diapers almost stylish.

The best part?  It mirrors the look of our kitchen counters and white wood,
adding some consistency in the hall.