For the Love of Pineapples

Sunday, November 4, 2012

So the pineapple is a funny thing in Hawaii.  It's an introduced agricultural crop that is so iconic and representative of Hawaii and things Hawaiian, and most locals despise the taste, the smell and anything to do with eating them.  There is very little love the for the fair pineapple, bless its little heart.  

But they're so cute.  & tropical.  & they look so great that we as locals just can't get away from them in design.  For whatever reason, I'm loving these pineapples today and thought I'd share.  I hope they bring you some tropical tradewinds in November from sunny, 80 degree in the shade Honolulu!

Pineapples all in a row on this perfect of rustic benches.  Who knew pineapples could be so minimal?

Minimal but comfy and casual, I love how this modern chair went tropical.  

I love this.  Hands down, shut the front door.  Perhaps in a powder room?

About as Hawaii as a mai tai, it just doesn't get better than this vintage turquoise chair and its graphic pineapple print.  LOVE.


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