Three of My Favorite Celebrity Homes

Sunday, October 28, 2012

So in my DVR haze of of a weekend, I've spent all my free time (Ha!) in between the kids' naps and running errands watching the last few weeks' worth of missed episodes of Giulana and Bill.  You can say it, because I can't believe I watch this show, too.  But I'll have to tell you, Giulana is sort of the kind of girl I'd want to hang with.  She's funny, she's stylish, she's smart and ---- she has a beautifully styled home.  Yes, I know she didn't pull it all together herself.  But so what.  She had to approve the choices, right?  That is, when Bill doesn't get all Project Manager on her.  Too much time with The Donald, that's all I have to say.  

Anyway, I wanted to share their house on the show because I absolutely am in love with this house.  And that idea led me to segway onto other celebrity homes I have had major crushes on.  

So here they are, three of my favorite celebrity homes.  They're not overly flashy, they're not McMansions.  They are all cozy, comfy and elegant.  All homes I'd want to live in.  

The Giuliana and Bill House
Los Angeles

It was a rental that recently sold and they are on to a new home that the Altman Brothers from yet another DVR'd show - Million Dollar Listing - sold them.  Give me some dark hardwood floors and mostly white walls and I swoon.  & I love love love that Dutch door.  

Meg Ryan's Minimalist Beach House
Martha's Vineyard

I still have the May 2010 issue of Elle Decor that featured Meg Ryan's gorgeous Martha's Vineyard home.  Probably my favorite interior of all time, this house has everything on my wish list: Dark hardwood floors, white walls, industrial style lighting, dark framed windows and doors, simple lines, an amped up cozy factor and it oozes casual elegance. 

In my mind, hands down, this is the best beach house ever in the history of beach houses. 

Lauren Conrad's Hills House
Los Angeles

Bringing us back to some semblance of reality, we have LC's Hills home, which pretty much everyone who's seen a Hills re-run is familiar with.  She's since moved on and the home was sold to another, but I'll always think of this as hers and I love the LC stamp she put on it.  It's adorbs.  I love it not as much as Meg's abode, but again, livable, cozy, casual elegance. & that pool is so Old Hollywood.  

The few things I want this kitchen to have -- new lighting over the island, because I'm not a huge fan of the one below (and apparently the listing agent wasn't either because it's not in the photo above), and darker stained floors.  After that, I could love it forever.  Perhaps some sort of crystal chandelier, 2 small ones, over the island?  That seems to fit LC's girlish ways.  If it was me, I'd choose something more industrial, but that's because Meg Ryan's house is still perfection in my mind.  Get Meg over STAT!  We need a consultation.

Ok, that light over the bed?  I feel like I should be in a satin 1930's-esque gown in Paris.  It's ridiculously fetch.  & the touches of indigo?  A bold move, LC.  But I love it all, girl, I love it all. 


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