Shabby Chic Baby Shower

Monday, October 22, 2012

We had the cutest baby shower for my sister-in-law today.  Early on my mother-in-law asked if I could help.  You would think someone who upcycles dressers, who loves design and can scour a garage sale for the smallest hints of shabby chic & vintage goodies would be good at this stuff.  But secretly, I suck at putting parties together.  I never felt like I knew what I was doing.  I think this time I felt I needed to prove to myself I could pull all the pieces and create something.  My SIL wanted a shabby chic, girly theme and that's what I went for with the dessert bar.  With serious help from a friend who should do party planning for a living, I went scouring for a dresser that I could set up as the bar and later gift to my SIL.  She is going to use it as a baby changing table.  It will do double duty holding baby's clothes, diapers and everything in between.  

My gift to my sister-in-law was the dresser I upcycled for the dessert bar.  I bought a changing table pad for her and am hoping she'll use it to store all of baby's things here.

I went with a two-toned dresser, painting and distressing the body in white and going for a parisian grey-blue for the drawers.  I used a vintage 60's sheet with a shabby chic vibe as the table runner and layered with crocheted doilies I've picked up at garage sales for a dime.  Armed with my party planner friend's jars and dessert bar knowledge, I set up the confections on top, and opened one drawer to hold the cups and straws for a champagne cocktail that became the shower's signature drink, Berry Happy Baby.

Berry Happy Baby is also known as a Fluted Ruby in other circles and is made of pomegranate juice, a little sugar and Brut Rose.  I gravitated towards it mostly because nothing gets cuter than pink champagne at a baby girl's shower.

The Cocktail Bar at the Baby Shower.  I set up the menu so the ladies could see what it was all about. 

Berry Happy Baby

1-2 Sugar Cubes
Pomegranate Juice
"Pink Champagne"or Substitute (like Pink Moscato)
Berries of your choice for garnish

In glass, add sugar cube(s).  I eyed the mixture and added approx 1/3 of the cup with "champagne" and 2/3 with pomegranate juice.  Then I garnished with berries.  Voila!  

First, let me start with the dorkier points.  Yes, I know it's Sparkling Wine and not technically champagne.  & double yes, I know that's not Sparkling Wine in the photo, it's Pink Moscato.  But let me explain!  Due to issues at the grocery store at the last minute, I was forced to buy Pink Moscato, but everyone loved this substitute and felt like they were drinking something refreshing.  If you're going to use Pink Moscato, I would use 1 sugar cube.  If you go with Brut Rose, maybe you'd want to use 2.  Either way, the drink was a hit and our Baby Girl was showered with her own Signature Cocktail.  

In the end, I was pretty excited with how it came together.  I felt like I didn't drop the ball and put something together that tasted as good as it looked.  Everyone had a blast and loved getting goodies from the dessert bar.  At the end of the party, guests made little take-home goodie bags.


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