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Monday, October 8, 2012

So what's a 3 month hiatus between friends?  It wasn't exactly Writer's Block.  It was more like Writer's  Refusal.  I just wasn't interested in talking about the house, or projects, or anything in between.  It was like Eat, Pray, Love, where I simply decided to take a vow of silence and enjoy not having anything to do with a blog, etsy, or painting furniture.  I got to relax.  DIY'ers will know what I mean.  Sometimes, the crafts, the blog and the etsy shops... they can feel like a job and not a passion.  & think I missed just enjoyment behind why I got into DIY'ing in the first place.  


Alright, now that I got that out, I thought I'd share some updated photos of the house.  Nothing too big has happened.  We had a few more wenge wood plantation shutters installed and beyond that, I've sort of just moved things around, because I seriously can't be happy with things in the same place for very long.  

So I recently found this mirror.  It came as a freebie with a dresser I bought to upcycle on Craigslist.  I originally thought it would go in our bedroom, but I love the height the mirror adds, and the dark color of the frame really looks good with the plantation shutters in the other rooms.  I'm starting a little bar tray here.  So far, it's filled with 2 vintage seltzer bottles I found at a flea market in NYC, and my husband's grandmother's cocktail shaker and martini glass.  I need to add some liquor, hello.  

The kitchen has a few projects in the works.  We'll soon be starting our white, subway tile backsplash.

I'm in the middle of re-styling this area.  Frames on the wall are waiting on photos, the coffee table needs accessories that can withstand my one-year old's daily attacks.  

I brought the vintage 1930's metal dresser into the family room to function as a place to hold dvd's and video games.  I had it in the entry way before this, but could never enjoy it as much as I do now.  It is on of my favorite upcycled pieces.  

Our sitting room, aka, the converted dining room for people who don't dine, hasn't changed much.  It's still full of mostly upcycled mid-century pieces specific to Hawaii.  The wooden chair in the forground is new to us.  It's 1950's, and came from Duke Kahanmoku's estate sale.  If you've been to Waikiki Beach, Duke's statue stands prominently in front of the beach he loved to surf at.  I consider it my own little piece of Hawaii history from a time period that made Hawaii famous.  Lucky me!

More to come on projects that are unfolding around the house, as well as some thoughts that have been swimming around in my head about upcycling, re-selling (houses), and budet-based design...


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