The Not-So-Composed Bureau

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Some of my favorite pieces in my house are the dressers I refinish and the compositions of stuff that ends up on them.  Between a mirror, books, frames and lamps, I love the frumpy, lived-in look...something that looks more thrown together than contrived.  

Here are some of my favorites:

What can I say?  Perfection.  This is a house I can see boys running amok with nerf guns.  Nothing is too precious and it feels so lived in.  

THAT mirror --- I die.  It's gorgeous.  The pieces are symmetrical and orderly on the dresser but the orchids and the feeling of age that comes from the mirror and the dresser makes you feel at ease amongst their formal shapes.

The mirror, the trunk and right down to that gold tassle --- I love this look.  

The most contrived of all and way more put together than the others, I still love the warm feeling of the dresser and the organic touch the octopus adds.  Even the texture on the chairs make it seem lived in and comfy.


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