Dressing Up the Master Bath Part 1

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sometimes I amaze even myself at the number of projects I have swimming around in my head at the same time.  Right now, my focus is on -- and in no particular order --

One.  Master Bath and Bedroom update.

Two.  The Kitchen Backsplash (or lack thereof).

Three.  Multiple Random windows that need to be covered.

Four.  Carpeted Stairs.  Yuck.

Five.  The Laundry Room's ugly wire shelf and sad utility sink.

First World Pains, I know.

Mr.'s sink in the Master Bath

These are the projects I know I need to get to, but that I get sidetracked from, because well, they're not sexy ifyouknowwhatImean.  Especially Three.  I know I need to just call the Plantation Shutter dude.  There's no real question as to what kind of treatment we want on the window.  Not like Two.  Oh the choices that I need to make when it comes to Two!  So many choices in fact that my mind starts to go numb after considering white subway tile (too safe!), colored glass subway tile (too trendy!), and penny tile (too odd!).  I get to a point where I put down the laptop and in my best Scarlet O'hara impression say that all of it will happen tomorrow.  

Mr.'s side of the vanity.  Octagon & Dot tile floors.  

Project One, aka Master Bath & Bedroom update, is about as sexy as projects in the queue can get.  I say it's an update because I'm not overhauling the existing bathroom. The house itself is less than a year old.  I chose those white cabinets, those tile floors and subway tile surrounds.  What I want is to get away from the "Builder Typical" mirrors and add some glamour but keep the house in line with its vintage and low-key vibe.  I want to keep the existing cabinets, floor and tile surrounds and maybe work on the smaller aspects that sort of get on my last nerve when I walk in the space.  For instance, the huge wall-to-wall mirror.  Why can't we have something that's a little more subtle?  Something with a little swagger...

The Kensington Mirrors from Pottery Barn.  I love.

I'll need to measure it out, but I love these Kensington Pivot Mirrors from Pottery Barn.  The Chrome finish would work nicely in the space and break up all the white.  You know I love the fact that we chose an all-white bathroom.  It always feels bright and airy in there.  But sometimes a girl just wants a little contrast in her life.  & some hint of color.  This bathroom is dying for some color.  A perfect example of where color would work -- above the tile moulding along the tub!  How nice would a little slivery grey color look against the white tile?  Something like the grey in that marble in that marble behind the mirror, maybe?  

There is also a large window (not pictured) over the tub with white plantation shutters keeping our modesty in check against the neighbors' second story view.  Above the tub is a sad and generic-looking recessed can light.  What I would give to have this updated with something more vintage, more dramatic, more swagger?  It's screaming for a chandelier of some kind, but I don't want the bathroom to have this huge crystal piece.  I want something with a little bit of charm.

The necessary last touch.  11 inch drop from the ceiling.  

Like this gorgeous light from Pottery Barn.  The Clarissa Glass Drop Flushmount is pretty perfect.  A flushmount, it drops 11 inches from the ceiling which will may work nicely above the tub.  I love the metalwork along the lip.

I could put up with soaking in jacuzzi baths in the evenings looking up to this baby.  The only way it could get any better is to put this bad boy on a dimmer.  How gorgeous would the twinkling lights off of that be?  Any suggestions?  Any ideas?  I would love to hear any additional ideas you have!  Do you love it?  Do you hate it?  Are you wondering what was I thinking when I chose the tile and countertops that I did?  Can't wait to hear your opinion!


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