The Procrastinator's Pin Wheel Diaper Cake

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My awesome brother and his wife are having their first baby, a girl they plan to name Kayleigh.  Her shower being tomorrow, my fellow procrastinator of a sister and I have decided to attempt a diaper cake.  Being virgins at this (ha!), we had no theme, no idea what to do except to roll up some diapers and hit up the nearest craft store for some inspiration.  I don't know what it's like for you when you walk into a craft store... I sort of walk in like it's an airport.  Everyone knows where they're going and then here's moi trying to get my bearings!  Well I found some super cute pin wheels and some buttons and I ran with it as a theme.  We have no clue what our new Sister-In-Law's mother has planned as a theme for the shower, but that would have only stressed us late starters, anyway, so it's much better just making things up as you go.  

Pin Wheels!  Of course!  Such an obvious baby shower theme!  
Now we had our supplies unpacked at home but had to come up with a plan of attack.  The beauty behind the Pin Wheel idea is that the sticks were so long, we were able to thread them through 3 layers of diapers and the sticks sort of acted as re-bar -- adding some serious stability to our new project.  We amazed even ourselves at this point.  Our last minute planning was starting to look purposeful!  

Supplies!  Buttons, adorable scrapbooking paper pin wheels and receiving blankets were our weapons of choice.

Et voila, the finished diaper cake.  On a cake stand, bien sur.  My sister had brought over some rattles and teething rings -- not to mention a cute little doll for Miss Kayleigh to love.  We wrapped each tier with a receiving blanket, a 2 and 1/2 inch pale pink, satin ribbon, and a 1 inch burlap ribbon in a light creme color.  We used adorable wooden buttons from the scrap book aisle to add some finishing touches.  Now hilariously, I am a saver of all things pretty.  The pink satin ribbon?  It came from the wrapping of a Simply Shabby Chic blanket we purchased from Target almost a year ago.  Aaaah upcycling.  I can't seem to quit you!

Each layer wrapped with receiving blankets and a double layer of ribbon.  The varying textures between the blankets, ribbons and finishing pieces really made it fun.  & even though it's pretty busy with all the little toys and touches, I think the muted colors help keep your eyes from crossing.  
The scrap book aisle was just what these two procastinators needed.  We found these great pinwheels in our muted color scheme -- made up 5 minutes before, mind you -- and added these awesome wooden buttons.  To me, there's just enough detail and texture to keep you interested while still avoiding a migraine in the making.  

Receiving blanket wrapped around each diaper layer, followed by a pink satin ribbon and then a light creme-colored burlap ribbon for added texture really brought together our soft color scheme.  the paper pin wheels and the little, wooden buttons were our favorite parts.  
And we're done, in time for the shower tomorrow.  I may want to do this again I had such a fun time with this.  Are you a diaper cake maker?  Seriously, what a fun job!


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