Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm Marisa, and I live in a house on a park.

I'm a girl obsessed with houses and interior design.  In school I studied Economics and now work as an Analyst studying spreadsheets all day, but I spend every free moment thinking about design, fabrics, tile, flooring, couches... you name it.  The dorky side of me loves planning for a space... From creating a cohesive look across multiple rooms to carving out the details of a nook -- these are all things that I'm happy to dwell on when none of the other duties call.  

My style preferences definitely lead to beachy, coastal and casual interiors.  I like nothing that's too precious or too proper.  I have two boys that would want to use those ultra precious pieces for their Nerf gun target practice.  I like slipcovered furniture, bold graphics, dark woods and natural elements.  A little history doesn't hurt either - I'm a huge fan of adding vintage pieces with a story to a space.  Hawaii living lends itself perfectly to beach house style, and I'm going to show you my mixed plate version of beach house chic that is budget-friendly, personal, and inviting.

Pacific Vintage is my virtual mood board.  It's my way of collecting all my favorite finds and sharing them.  In one post you might find a focus on a certain house that made my week, and in another I might be waxing poetic on a sweet, little Etsy discovery.  It helps that I'm obsessed with my house, my little garden, re-habbing furniture, the list goes on... It gives me a lot to talk about and keeps the ideas flowing.

Thanks so much for reading my blog!   I've learned so much from other bloggers and I love the comments and discussion!  Hopefully I'm able to share something that makes you as happy as it made me.

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  1. Why you have given up that boring job to go in a limb and become an internal designer or decorating consultant is beyond me. You are SO good!!!!!! As far as I know, this island is lacking designers with your kind of taste. Do it!!!